Cakes & Pastries

A selection of mouth-watering Fresh Cream Cakes, Fruity Flavored Fresh Cream Cakes, Butter Cream Cakes, Truffle Cakes, Cheese Cakes and Novelty Cakes that are available of the shelf that also be made to order.

Fresh Cream Cakes of Black Forest, Choco Chips, Tiramasu, Red Velvet, Brazilian Butterscotch & Vanilla; along with

Description :

Fresh Cream Cakes having fruity flavours of Pineapple, Kiwi, orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Blue Berry, Passion Fruit & Black Currant. Our special Fresh Cream Pistachio cake is really delicious.

Black Forest Cake

Pineapple Cake

Blackcurrent Cake

Kiwi Cake


Ferrero Rocher Cake

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Butter Cream Cakes include our Chocolate cake, Swiss Chocolate Roll & our Swiss Jam Roll.

Chocolate Cake

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Truffle cakes include Choco Crackle, Choco Truffle, Zebra Truffle & mango Truffle, Cheese Cakes & Novelty Cakes.

Choco Truffle Cake

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Baked Cold Cheese Cakes are delicious & so are the other flavored variants of Blueberry, Pineapple & Strawberry.
A selection of our Novelty Cakes like the Chocolate Brownie cake, Fresh Cream Pista Cake, Kiwi Cake, Fererro Rocher Cake, Mousse Cake, Truffle Chips Cake, Rainbow Cake and last but not least, our Oreo Cake, are specially made to order.

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Our cakes, cut as generous triangular helpings are served as pastries that ensure that every serving is fresh, moist and delicious.

Description :

Mousse in flavors of chocolate, pineapple, strawberry make excellent cool desserts, as do, Butterscotch, Black forest and chocolate Cream, in generous servings.