Savouries & Snacks

Ready – to – eat fresh sumptuous snacks and pastries like Veg. & Paneer Puffs, coin and regular vegetable Pizzas and wraps Fattayas, Danish puffs & Chinese veg samosas should preferably be enjoyed hot from the oven.
Fresh Sandwiches, Burgers & Rolls with generous fillings, are mini meals by themselves.

Potato Veg. Puffs, Veg. Puffs, Paneer Puffs & Danish pastry are made of bread shortening with a wholesome and generous helping of filling within.

Veg Puff

Potato Veg Puff

Paneer Puff

Danish Puff

Description :

Veg, Sandwiches & Rolls that include veg. Burgers, Veg. Puffs, Paneer Puffs, Potato Veg. Puff & Danish pastry; Coin & regular veg. Pizzas; Veg. Wraps, Croissants & Novelty items like Chinese samosa and fattayer make wholesome snacks and mini meals.

Veg Burger

Paneer Roll

Manchurian Roll

Veg Cheese Sandwich

Veg Coin Pizza

Veg Pizza

Chocolate Croissants

Baked Chinese Samosa