Tea Time Cakes

A selection of baked tea time goodies include muffins, cup cakes, mawa cakes, bar cakes, doughnuts, Brownies and cream cones. A bite into our Lava Cakes exposes the molten chocolate within that makes them a favourite.

Pineapple, Black Currant & Strawberry Fruity flavoured muffins or Choco chips muffins packed with a generous helping of choco chips are great tea time snacks.
These are available loose or in packs of 2.

A variety of flavored & cream toppings make these a favorite snack for the young and old at tea time or at any time.

These chocolate cakes, the size of muffins, that, as the name suggests, have rich molten chocolate centers that flow out like lava. This is a great accompaniment, especially at children’s birthday parties or tea parties.

Two muffin sized variants of Mawa cakes are available in packs of 4; the rich, creamy and delicious mawa cake, and for those that like chocolate, the choco chips mawa cake. Both are delicious.
Packing: 100g
Shelf Life: 5 days

These rectangular shaped Bar cakes are available in fruity flavours of Plum, Strawberry and Pineapple. The Choco chips Bar cake too makes a good tea time snack.
Packing: 300g

Choco Balls, cake Pops, Lava Cake, Choco doughnuts and Choco croissants are products that will delight all.

Our chocolate Brownies are what a Brownie should look and taste like….heavenly. Our Walnut Brownie has pieces of crunchy walnut that enhance the flavour of the Brownie.

Description :

Fluffy cones made from bakery shortening and filled with sweetened cream make an ideal snack at tea-time or any time.

Available as a single 50g cream cones and also in a 150g pack of 5 cream cones.