Chocolates & Brownies

These delicious mouth-watering Choco Truffs and Rocks come in an assortment of flavours of Fruit & Nut, Chocolate, Cashew and Almond to whet your appetite for more.Choco Walnut Brownies and Choco Brownies are deliciously soft and loved by all.

Our chocolate Brownies are what a Brownie should look and taste like….heavenly. Our Walnut Brownie has pieces of crunchy walnut that enhance the flavor of the Brownie.

Chocolate Truffs and Rocks are ‘anytime’ snacks that are difficult to resist. These are available in a few selected flavors that may be purchased singly or as an assortment.
Cashew Rocks, Almond Rocks & Fruit & Nut Rocks have broken nuts and fruits as their names suggest, with the goodness of rich chocolate.